Unnecessary Product Reviews

Unnecessary ReviewsFunny?  Creative?  Weird?  We want you!

I know many GBers out there have a lot of really amazingly funny and weird ideas.  Well, this is one of those ideas that we had here at GB.  Here is the idea: you take a product, game, show, whatever you can dream of, and do a video review of it.

But here is the catch, we want you review it in a way that makes it absolutely unnecessary.  Make a serious review about something that doesn’t actually add any value whatsoever.  Why?  Because its weird and we don’t have a really good reason.  We want to see how creative we can all be by doing something that is mainly pointless.  The stranger the better. Easy enough, right?

We want you to contribute to our weird creativity.  We want you to be the weird creativity.  GB will feature the best and strangest submissions.


You’ve likely seen some of the UPRs that we have already done on GB.  If not, here is an example.

The requirements are pretty simple.  You review something, it really can be anything.  You make a video review which is no longer than 90 seconds.  Tell us what you are reviewing, and give us your non-review.  Don’t use any kind of copyrighted music or video that you don’t have permission to use.   Upload your video to YouTube and send us the link to  Include any information you would like to be posted alongside your video.  Within a week, we will contact you to let you know if we will be featuring the post on the site.  No matter what (assuming you have met the requirements) we will post your submission on to GB, but we will only feature the very best.