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We are so glad that you want to know more about us!  Seriously, so many people never even take the time to care… So, thank you!

GamerBrew was started by Ben Link and Tyler Davis, hoping to bring a new voice to the already crowded field of gaming journalism. Though we have much love for other video game outlets, we felt as if we had something different to offer. Whether we were jumping into an endless pit of darkness or a room full of treasures, we cared not! One thing you will notice at is that we are not normal in anyway. Outside of our video game, movie and TV show reviews we will be bringing you TeenyD’s Unnecessary Product Reviews and a Bi-Weekly video game comic by Ben Link. We are hoping to reach an audience that shares our passion and wants to be a part of our community as well. Not only do we welcome comments and feedback we encourage fan contribution. Want to be featured on our website? Keep an eye out for our occasional contest and fan featured events. Now that you understand our vision let us introduce ourselves.

GamerBrew? Where does the Brew part come from? Well, we like beer :)

Now for us…..


Cop 16

Despite the picture, he really isn’t a cop of any sort.

Tyler (who uses the name TeenyD on GB) began his lifelong video game career at the tender age of 5.  Playing Super Mario Bros. 3 with his older siblings, video games took a central role in his child development.  He took the serious plunge into gaming later, in his early teens with the introduction of the online competitive Warcraft II scene.  His parents actually had to foot a $700 phone bill for an AOL account which happened to be calling a long distance connection (he is still paying them back).  Gaming, as competition, became a way to connect with people all over, not just local friends and family.  Since those early days, Tyler isn’t able to competitively play anything (though he is confident that he could be a professional SC II player given the time) but continues playing almost everything he can get his hands on.  In his non-playing time, he practices law relating to intellectual property.  Right now, Tyler writes reviews for games, movies and shows.  He also happily brings you much of GB’s humor content, including the Unnecessary Product Reviews and Fake but Awesome Novels.

Ben is often very reflective.

Ben is often very reflective.



My name is Ben Link and this is how it all began….. At the age of 6, my brothers and I were ransacking through my parents belongings in the basement when we came across a device labeled the “Atari 2600.” At the time this thing looked like a computer system from the future. After some repairs to the 8 year old system we were finally able to experience what exactly a video game was. We started out playing the likes of Mouse Hunt, Pitfall, Popeye and Rocky Super Action Boxing. From this point on I knew that video games were definitely going to be apart of my life. On top of video games I have an extreme passion for art. I love to draw pencil scetches and work digitally within Photoshop. At GamerBrew I am the Video Game Review editor, Lord of the Brewtoons and editor of the podcast.