GamerBrew presents Episode #50! We have had an amazing time over the past 50 episodes. For us to even have our own video game podcast, still blows our minds. Almost two years ago we were sitting around talking video games to ourselves. That’s when we decided to start up and immediately began producing our own show. Not only has it been fun but we have made a lot of friends in the process. For this special 50th episode, we are going to be doing something a little different. We are going to answer some questions that are themed around the #50. “If you only had 50 minutes to watch TV and Movies, what would you watch?”, “If you only had 50 hours to play video games, what would you play?” and “If you only had 50 seconds to listen to music what would you listen to?” Enjoy!


Show Notes 0:00 – 1:25:15

  • If you only had 50 minutes to watch TV, how would you spend it? 0:00 – 18:25
  • If you only had 50 minutes to watch Movies, how would you spend it? 18:26 - 36:00
  • If you only had 50 seconds to listen to Music, what would you listen to? 36:01- 39:42
  • If you only had 50 hours to play Video Games, what would you play? 39:43 – 1:04:50
  • Describe your perfect game in 50 words or less what would it be?: 1:04:51 – 1:06:55
  • Are you okay with ads in games if the $60 games only cost $50? 1:06:56 – 1:13:42
  • Fans picks for TV, Movies, Music and Video Games: 1:13:43 – 1:25:15

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