GamerBrew Podcast: Episode 38

Podcast-Soliloquy-38GamerBrew presents podcast #38! Ben has played The Wolf Among Us and Tyler finally gets into League of Legends! Followed up with some talk about Flappy Bird, Call of Duty going with 3 studios and the possibility of Amazon getting into the console business. Then they wrap it up the crew honoring the late Butters with the top 5 rabbits in video games! Have a good week!

Show Notes

  • Intro: 0:00 – 6:15
  • Video Game Pick’em Reactions: 6:16 – 20:25
    • Reaction to Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII
    • Ben and Tyler’s picks and suprises
  • Games on Tap: 20:26 – 34:35
    • The Wolf Among Us – Smoke and Mirrors
    • League of Legends
  • What’s Brewing: 34:36 – 56:25
    • Flappy Bird
    • Amazon Acquisition
    • Call of Duty series adds a third developer
  • Butter’s Best: 56:26 – 1:10:20
    • Top 5 Rabbits in Video Games
  • Final Toast: 1:10: 21 – 1:18:12
    • Tyler’s Book Recommendation
    • The Last of Us Left Behind DLC

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7 comments on “GamerBrew Podcast: Episode 38

  1. The Beach is an awesome book, it sounds like you read plenty so you should be able to knock that one out pretty quick… another thing, I was too dumb to write down my list… any chance you guys could post the whole list or at least email me mine?? I didn’t figure that I had much of a chance since I don’t look at reviews basically ever and my game taste is different than the “mainstream” (also didn’t think ahead that once I hit submit my list would be gone) but I would like to kinda follow along even though I doubt I have much of a chance…. League is awesome!!! my name on league is HeavyArmsCustom hit me up! you had a couple of the details on league a tad bit off but good breakdown.

    • I will check out The Beach! We can send you your list soon so you can check it out!

      Yeah, I very well may have been off on a few of the details on League. I just started playing, so am just starting to get a grasp on the basics!

      • The one thing about league I would add is like you mentioned there is the in game leveling but also out of game leveling that let’s you build runes and mastery points… It’s pretty important to match your runes and mastery points with the type of champion you use (just google your favorite champ and it will give you build guides)…

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