The Meridian Shard RPG – An Indie Kickstarter

Brewcrew, how many of you out there remember spending countless hours playing really classic RPGs with amazing characters, set in fantastic worlds that left you always wanting more? Well, I know we here at the GB offices do.

We recently came across the Kickstarter for a project titled “The Meridian Shard RPG”, created by game designer Justin Cuff.  Based on the early gameplay footage (it really does look early) and the description of the game, this could be a game that some of you might want to take a look at.


It is set in the Hydra Ranges above the Ashen Plains, on the mountainside of the Iron Plateau (I feel like I’m getting a Blizzard influence), and centers around a few major characters. We found one character particularly noteworthy:


Boobs, much?


Character modeling aside, from the game footage and description, it is evident that Justin Cuff is a real fan of the classic RPG genre, and is trying to capture that magic in The Meridian Shard. For those of us who love and miss this genre, this is a chance to help breathe a bit of life into the genre.

Take a look at the Kickstarter page here. The project has 41 days to go, and is about $5,500 away from its goal.

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