GamerBrew Podcast: Episode 35


Happy New Year everyone! The podcast is finally complete and we are here to give out our movies, characters, theme songs and games of the year. It’s a Brewer’s Best Extravaganza! Be sure to stay tuned until the end for some of our best moments in 2013. Enjoy!

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6 comments on “GamerBrew Podcast: Episode 35

  1. This is the second episode where you said Hutch doesn’t have 3D, but I am pretty sure the mall theater has it. I haven’t gone to one so I am not for sure (because i hate that place, sticky floors crappy seats) but I think so…

    • That is definitely possible. I have only been referring to the theater at the Cosmosphere. I haven’t been to the Mall theater in a long time, because of the aforementioned horrible state of the theater!

  2. What did Ben get for Christmas this year? DIABETES..what do you expect when you eat nothing but cookie’s candy and of course the oh so festive fried chicken. February 14 apparently needs to be renamed Valenbang Day where simultaneous penetration needs to take place at approximately 9pm(Thanks Tyler!). I agree that Pacific Rim is definately the best film of this year, I’m excited to see how they merge Kaiju and Jaegers in the next installment(Rumored). Trevor was a bit overboard, and I think they did too much insane, I liked Franklin the most in GTA V..but that may have been because of his driving slow mo skill, but he also ate a lot of potato chips…and I like potato chips. That brothers theme song, is legit and my favorite for this year by far(although the Game of Thrones games using that theme…). SC2 campaign mode was far superior to Wings of Liberty, excellent choice! It’s also funny that all of Ben’s resolutions this year is to play ” ” game/type. Good job on a great year, I’m excited to see what you guys do in the future.

    • Diabetes?! Not yet at least :). I have a new resolution for this year. Cut back on Cookies, Candy and Fried Chicken. There you go. I have a resolution other than games! Haha


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