GamerBrew Podcast: Episode 34


Merry Christmas everyone! We’ve got a amazing show for you this week. Ben and Tyler are naming off their top 13 winter levels in video games. After that we have a brand new Christmas segment called Christmas Characters of the Year. Before you tuck in and await Santa’s arrival, join us in this Christmas special! Ho Ho Ho, here we go!

Show Notes

  • Intro: 0:00 – 13:20
  • Brewers Best (Top 13 Winter levels in video games) - 13:21 – 30:00
  • GamerBrew’s: Christmas Characters of the Year: 30:01 – 1:05:07
    • Christmas Characters of the Year: 30:01 - 50:00
    • Our Favorite Christmas Movies: 59:00 – 1:05:07

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    • That’s not always so bad! I love staying home actually. I prefer not to travel. But I can see having to stay home every year getting old. Did you get any cool presents? Or eat any good food?


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