Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Giveaway Winners!

Thank to everybody that participated in this weeks giveaway! Watch the video above to see who wins! Congrats and keep tuning into our weekly podcast for a chance to win a PS4 or Xbox One!


9 comments on “Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Giveaway Winners!

    • Congrats man! How would you like me to send it to you? Steam would be the easiest because I can gift it but I can definitely send you a code to get the other two versions as well! Just let me know what you would like :)

      • Yeaaaa I don’t do PC gaming man, Either console format is fine, but I’d prefer PSN style. Maybe that company that makes it on twitter will do a voucher swtich for you or something? Try that be4 those ps cash cards no rush at all.

        • Hey, do you happen to have PayPal? I could send you $15 dollars and you could use it on PSN. I bought Flower, Papo Yo and Journey using Paypal on PSN. Pretty cool feature. Let me know what you think!


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