GamerBrew Podcast: Episode 20

Podcast-Soliloquy It is with great pleasure that we return to the Internets! Episode 20 is finally ready, and we can’t wait for you all to give it a listen! In this episode, we discuss our Top 10 PlayStation Network games and talk about some of your favorites (fan submitted games). We discuss the recent news regarding the PS4 launch date, and hash over what exactly Microsoft is doing. We also touch on some recent movie casting news, ie Ben Affleck and Bryan Cranston. To top it off we ask our weekly question; What difficulty do you play video games on and give out our final toast. We hope you all enjoy it! Show Notes

  • Intro: 0:00 – 9:24
  • Brewer’s Best (Top 10 PSN Games): 9:24 – 1:03:10
  • What’s Brewing – 1:03:11 – 1:26:16
    • PS4 and Xbox One Launch Details: 1:03:11 – 1:16:00
    • DC Universe Movie Casting: 1:16:01 – 1:26:16
  • Final Toast: 1:26:17 – 1:37:29
    • What is your difficulty level?: 1:26:17 – 1:31:05
    • When Ian Fell in the Machine: 1:31:05 – 1:33:12
    • 9 Months in 4 Minutes: 1:33:12 – 1:34:49

Things Mentioned:

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20 comments on “GamerBrew Podcast: Episode 20

  1. Man, I hadn’t thought about Microsoft having to go back and actually make hardware changes. People are gonna lose their minds if they don’t have enough at launch to meet pre-orders! If that happens, and Sony has good numbers in-stock, PS4 is going to “win” at launch, big time.

    • So as of right now; Tyler is getting the PS4 for Killzone and I am getting the Xbox One for Dead Rising 3. If Microsoft is unable to complete my preorder I would be hard pressed to switch systems. Right now we are just speculating that they are changing plans and the preorders could be effected but Microsoft being so quiet is somewhat odd.

      • Yeah, but you’d think they would want to get the release date out there. I can’t think of any benefits to not getting that out as early as possible now that Sony already put theirs out there. Makes it seem like they aren’t sure about something, whether it be when it will actually be ready, or their overall strategy.

        • I agree it seems odd. This generation is quite different from the last gen because they are launching in the same year. Last generation the PS3 launched a year later than Xbox 360 so having a launch date set may not have been as important. Now they are tip toeing around each other and trying to win the same crowd. While doing it all at the same time. Makes for some fun debates and discussion though. :)

  2. Yay fat princess!! Nothing like feeding her fat ass like 15 pieces of cake and watching the other team breaking their backs to carry her

    • HAHA! If the opposite team drops your princess while stealing her and they are halfway back to their castle, will your princess walk back by herself or do you have to carry her back?

      • LOL well I guess I didn’t think of it that way, you have to carry her back… But hopefully they don’t make it as far since she is so much bigger. Tyler had a good point that a game could last quite a long time but the other extreme is if you have a great team the game could be done in a matter of a minute or two…

        • That is pretty funny when you think about making your princess really fat and if she does get carried across the map by the other team you have to struggle getting her back. HAHA

      • It’s not really a tower defense you start with one spawn point for your army and have to capture all the points on the map… I feel like I have played something similar but can’t quite remember what

        • That kind of sounds like Pikmin but maybe not because I have never play Pikmin before. Is it somewhat like StarCraft? In the campaign you spawn in one area sometimes and take over the map.

  3. Megaman and Final Fantasy have generally unrelated stories, so you can jump into a new game without missing stuff outside of the new final fantasy. I also play the normal level first to enjoy the game, and the harder levels to get any remaining trophies. Also, it wasn’t a werewolf game, but a game of various fairy tale books that just featured the big bag wolf as the main character, and was also derived from a comic book series.

    • Hey Nathan, sorry I totally missed you comment. Out of the two I think I would like to start trying Megaman. Which game in the series would you suggest to a newcomer? Wow, I totally had The Wolf Among Us pegged wrong. I read a little more about the game on Kotaku and I think that plot sounds really cool. “Forced from their homes, their titles and fortunes stripped from them, all they can do now is avoid being caught. Avoid getting sent to the ominous Farm. If you can’t manage to fit in, that’s where you go.”

      • I would go with Megaman 2, 4, and 6. The first one is pretty tough, and 6 is much easier to beat in my opinion. The Wolf Among Us is a game I put on my list to keep an eye on.

  4. Not sure on the whole PSN, gaming, I know that Legend of Dragoon was originally for PS, however when it went on the PSN, I bought it instantly this was one of my favorite games as a kid, and any serious RPGer should get it and beat it, hands down best storyline, I ever played including FF7.

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