GamerBrew Podcast: Episode 20 Delayed… But, a free game!

Hey guys, it is with unbearable sadness that we have to delay the release of Episode 20. We had technical difficulties with this week’s recording, and have to record it again!

Because we don’t want to leave you all with nothing, we are giving away two copies of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. We’ve played it, and it is awesome!


So, to be eligible to win, all you’ve got to do is answer this week’s question: What is your favorite PSN and Xbox Live Arcade game? Leave comments on the page (or Facebook or Twitter), and at the end of the week, we will randomly select a winner. We will be giving away the game via PC, Xbox Live or PSN, your choice!

Release Dates for the Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Xbox Live: Available now!

PC: August 28th, 2013

PS3: September 3rd, 2013

Good luck, and stay tuned for Episode 20 next Sunday!

22 comments on “GamerBrew Podcast: Episode 20 Delayed… But, a free game!

  1. Well I’d have to say my favorite game has to be Limbo. Way too short, but I’d love to see a 2nd one. If we’re talking HD remake things, then SF3 Online Edition, wish that had a bigger Grinder trophy too too quick 100% XD

    • Limbo is a great choice. Love the art style and puzzles that punished you into glorious puddles of blood :). As far as Street Fighter 3: 3rd strike online edition; I haven’t played that one. I own Street Fighter 4 on the PS3 and it is really fun. What is your favorite fighter to play with?

      • Probably SSF4, then UMVC3, then Injustice. MK9 is just way too clunky combo wise, and KOF is too complicated, and Tekken is a bit boring for me, and Smash isn’t a fighting game and it sucks

        • I haven’t bought a fighting game since SF4. I have always wanted to try the new Mortal Kombat and Injustice but I am not very good at the originals :)

          • Well Ultra comes out in March 2014 (that’s Super, Arcade, and Ultra combined) and MK10 should probably be out in 2015 or so (unless u get Komplete Edition which is about 10-15 now) and Injustice i’ll probably get a GOTY edition w/ all dlc so id wayt

          • Cool, Thanks! I would lean towards Injustice: Gods Among US over Mortal Kombat if I was to buy one. I like most of the DC characters. Good choice?

  2. I would have to go with Mega Man 10, lots of bonus material make this game worth the money. Also, the best Dr. Wily castle intro in franchise history helps round out a game that developers put a lot of care into.

    • Sadly I missed Mega Man when I was younger so I just never hopped on. Love the character though. Was glad to see he is making it to the new Smash Bros on Wii U.

    • I love the GW games. The 2nd one brought in some really fun modes that gave the game variety. A lot of people don’t remember but GW was the first really popular game on Xbox Live Arcade. GW and Braid really paved the way and showed people that they could find really cool games for $10-$15.

    • I remember this coming out last year and it recently just released on PC as well. Which one would you buy it on?

      • I’m buying it on PC, again. It’s basically the same XBLA version, but with daily challenges, which adds more replay value.

        • Just downloaded Spelunky through Steam. I am going to give it a shot. If I play enough of it I will talk about it next podcast. Thanks for the recommendation!

          • Presentation so far in the game is really nice. Like Tyler and I discussed in the podcast this week. We really like the main character. Cool and cute at the same time.

    • High Five my friend! I have a feeling this one might make our Xbox Live Arcade Brewer’s Best in 2 weeks. Come back to find out!

    • I forgot to ask you. What was your favorite world in the game? The salt factory world was pretty fun.

  3. Clash of Heroes hands down. If anyone hasn’t tried this game I’ll tell you its amazing! Totally worth the time to download and play.

    • Hell yeah brotha! We have had some memorable Coop Mulitiplayer action in Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes. Wish we could find matches quicker though :(. Need more people to play this game!


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