GamerBrew Contest Giveaway

GamerBrew Giveaway

Here is the deal, what better way to run a contest on a gaming site than to make it a game? The game is simple, the more you (the Player) interact and engage with the GamerBrew Podcast, the more chance you have on winning the top prize.

The Prizes

1st Place: PS4 System ($399 package) or Xbox One System ($499 package). The winner may pick either system as their prize.

2nd – 5th Place: A GamerBrew T-Shirt (Any Size/Any Design)

All Players who earn over 10 XP (I’ll get to it in a second) can ask the GamerBrew staff any question (we mean any question) and it will be answered on the next week’s podcast.

The Game

You have 13 weeks from today (8/11/2013 – 11/13/2013), to rack up XP. For every 1 XP earned, you will receive one “ticket” into the final drawing, which will be conducted and announced on 11/10/2013. Here is how you earn XP:

Comment on the GamerBrew Podcast episode (this comment can be on the site, Twitter, or Facebook) = 1 XP

Retweet the GamerBrew Podcast episode tweet on Twitter = 1 XP

Like the GamerBrew Podcast episode post on Facebook = 1 XP

Share the GamerBrew Podcast episode post on Facebook = 1 XP

1 XP = 1 Entry into the drawing for the prizes.

At the maximum, you can earn 4 XP or entries per week. This means the ones that participate the most will earn up to 48 entries over the contest period of 13 weeks.

Other Details

Your Facebook name or Twitter handle is for contest purposes only.

Comments must be for individual podcast episodes, and can only be for episodes that are released during the contest period (8/11 – 11/3). Comments must also not be “spam” but must indicate some actual involvement with that episode. Responding to a question or argument during that week’s podcast, for example. If we believe a Player is abusing the contest, we will give that Player one notice. If the abuse continues, we will ban the Player from the contest.

That’s it! The contest starts with this week’s episode – which is right here.

Good luck and happy gaming!

45 comments on “GamerBrew Contest Giveaway

  1. If anyone is having trouble posting with Google Chrome, try using Internet Explorer or Firefox. I have been hearing from some users that are having issues with posting. Just a good work around if you are having issues. Sounds like most of the people are using Google Chrome and have Windows 8 OS. So if this is you try one of the other browsers.

  2. What do you guys think of GTA ..And what do you guys think about GTA with hole online situation not being able to ply online..And what do you think of online on GTA what do you like about it…

  3. Love this site. You guys make the game debates and description so cool! It’s actually entertaining to lsiten to when I’m bored on a plane or just chilling and have nothing to do. Keep up the good work!

  4. Awesome, glad I caught your twitter and can still participate even though I’m late in the game. Love the podcast, just listened to my first one!

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