Tiny Wings 2.0 Review – 8.5

{Editor’s Note} This is a review of the current version of Tiny Wings (Tiny Wings 2.0) that comes with the Flight School game mode.

Though it may be a .99 cent iPhone game, Tiny Wings is no small feat. It’s a one-touch physics/rhythm game that combines soothing music and delightful aesthetics with simple, yet addicting gameplay, creating an experience that’ll keep you busy for hours on end.


It’s a hard-knocks life for a bird with tiny wings. Fortunately, the world you inhabit is incredibly hilly. And using the hills to gain momentum and take flight is the name of the game. Dive down slopes by holding your finger on the screen and let go to ascend uphill, launching yourself into the sky. Timing is key to attaining the highest and farthest flights. Although, higher speeds make the already lopsided landscape even more challenging to navigate. It’s simplicity at its best and presents players with an addictively challenging experience that lasts for as long as it’s needed.

tiny_wings_secondary_imagePlayers can choose between two game modes. The first is an endless runner type, where the goal is to go as fast and far as possible, trying to outrun nights grasp. Pick up coins; earn multipliers; and try to get the highest score possible. The second mode, Flight School, is a race mode in which players must reach the finish line before the other A.I. controlled birds.  Both modes are fun in their own respects, though I feel Flight School could have been fleshed out a little bit more. I think they missed a big opportunity to incorporate multiplayer into the mix. Racing computers is still fun and challenging, but racing your friends would have been far more exciting.

Gameplay is obviously important when it comes to games, but Tiny Wings does it right on all accounts, including visuals and sound. I can’t help but be reminded of delicious Italian ice when staring at the lush colored hills that make up the games environment, but most of all, it’s the games surprisingly good musical score that really blows me away. Tiny Wings is filled with some of the most soothing and sometimes somber tones I’ve ever heard in a game. Seriously, I can’t complement it enough and words won’t do it justice. It’s something you’ll have to hear for yourself.

Final Toast: 8.5

Though it may be simple, Tiny Wings isn’t to be easily overlooked. It’s a fun and challenging experience that really brings it on all fronts, whether it’s gameplay, music, or visuals. And despite its lack of multiplayer, it remains a worthwhile venture you should definitely give a try.

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