Overrated Games: Two Perspectives, 10 Games

Video games are a central part of many of our lives. For a lot of us, we have grown up with them. We know some characters like we know old friends. We have just as fond memories playing certain games as anything from our childhood. Video games, really, are a part of who we are. But, for some reason, some games are put onto pedestals that they really don’t deserve. Whatever it is, hype, name recognition, developer, or whatever else, certain games are given a gold standard, whether they deserve it or not. Some games may have started out strong, but over the years, have lost their luster, and no longer deserve to be at the top of the gaming world. Some games have become so over-hyped and so overrated, that they just need to be put in their place. And that place is here on this list. For this article, we have brought in a contributing author, Tom Blank, to provide his thoughts on the most overrated games of all time. We also will be having a GB staff member (TeenyD or Ben Link) giving GB’s responses to Tom’s list. Here we go!

10. Gears of War

Take 1: The Gears of War Saga has been raved about by both critics and players alike, however this is just silly. Yes it’s true, Gears of War is a good game, but the amount of praise it receives you would expect it to be the Godfather of shooters, but no. With Gears of War, what you get is a lot of ducking and covering accompanied by a lackluster story line. -Tom


Take 2: This sounds like the complaint of someone not very good at GoW. Sure, the most recent entry in the series wasn’t amazing, but that doesn’t mean you can discount how amazing  Gears has been throughout the life of the 360. A lot of ducking and covering? That is pretty severely minimizing those two mechanics, which are now seen in almost every single shooter. Gears of War has been one of the most significant franchises of this generation and this is not a coincidence.  Have you ever played Wingman with a friend? Reviving your friend just in time for both of you to wield your shotgun to devastating effect? No? Give it another shot. -Ben Link

9. Conker’s Bad Fur Day

Take 1: How could you put a game like Conker’s Bad Fur Day on this list, you say? It’s one of the best games of all time! Really, the only reason this game is so popular is because people like JonTron say it’s great. The amount of people who have actually played it and the amount of people who say it’s the best thing ever don’t add up. Everyone has an opinion on this game and only a few have played it. So, no. It does not deserve the abundant acclaim it receives. -Tom


Take 2: Hmm, I don’t see any argument that the game itself is bad. It seems more like you are just upset that a number of people claim to love the game without ever having played it? But that isn’t an argument that the game itself is overrated, its just an argument that a lot of people suck… Have you ever played the game?! Because I have, and it was hilarious and insane and over the top. It was exactly what was needed in the gaming world at the time. -TeenyD

8. God of War

Take 1: God of War is one of my favorite game series of all time. With its great graphics, brutal kills and boobies, many guys out there likely agree with me. However, God of War is more like a guilty pleasure. It is extremely fun to play, but Kratos has to be as likable as a wet tuna sandwich. The story line is basically the same in each game and you start off the exact same way in every game. You have powers, you fight something, you lose powers, you get them again. You could just play the first one and know the entire God of War plot. Summation: Good. Not as good as people say. -Tom


Take 2: I don’t disagree with you much on this, Tom. God of War has never aspired to be the most complex and thought provoking franchise, so I understand your feeling about it being a guilty pleasure. As a “hardcore” gamer, we like to think we are serious folk who appreciate the intricate and deep games, and God of War isn’t that. But its just like a summer blockbuster featuring Will Smith. Is it going to be emotionally charged and intellectually stimulating? No, but it is likely going to be a whole hell of a lot of fun (aside from Wild Wild West…). That is what God of War games are, the summer blockbuster’s of the gaming world. -TeenyD

7. Star Fox 64

Take 1: I’m tempted to just copy and paste Conker’s explanation here, as it is exactly the same. The only thing different is that Star Fox had some crappy games attached so it made Star Fox 64 look much better than it was. It’s like the mediocre looking chick who has ugly friends. She looks hot when her friends are around, but if you take them away… you get Star Fox 64. -Tom


Take 2: I don’t see how Conker and Star Fox 64 are similar – Conker is much more of a cult game that has increased in popularity over the years. Star Fox 64 was popular when it came out in 1997. I was 12 when Star Fox 64 came out, and vividly remember spending countless hours in four player split mode. And it had some amazing bosses. But I don’t think that Star Fox is really remembered as being an all time classic or anything. It’s not, but it was a strong game from Miyamoto. -TeenyD

6. Mortal Kombat

Take 1: I can see why people like fighting games. I can see why people would like Mortal Kombat. But the way it’s raved about makes me puke right onto Noob’s leg. It’s the same thing every game! Sure, the first game or two in the series were top notch fighting games, but after that? There’s nothing more to say other than: Really? -Tom


Take 2: Are people still raving about Mortal Kombat? It has been mostly irrelevant for a number of years now. At this point, you are kicking a dead horse. But don’t discount how good the first several games were. I could still probably pull off a few fatality moves from memory. And I have never had more fun mashing buttons in the “breaking wood” mini game. -TeenyD

5. Half-Life 2

Take 1: This is a good game. It’s story-rich, it had great graphics and sound for its time and for the most part was quite fun to play. But is it the best? No. It’s a regular first-person shooter. But the thing that puts it on this list is the fact Maximum PC gave it 11 out of 10. How is that possible? I DON’T KNOW. -Tom


Take 2: I’m beginning to question your legitimacy, Tom! HL2, upon release, was simply astounding. It caught almost everyone off guard, it was that good. The graphical improvements made in the Source engine were absolutely incredible. It was technically stunning, while also incredibly stylish. It was smooth, it had a low overhead. It allowed people who had mid range PCs to experience top notch graphics. And the sound of that game? The effects and ambient noise? The soundtrack. Come on, that was just great for the time, it stands as some of the best ever. The story was complex, intricate, and engaging. By the end, I was sitting on the edge of my seat, eagerly awaiting and also dreading the final scene. The voice acting was sublime. The gameplay was as fluid as any game I had ever played. “A regular first-person shooter?” What is a great first-person shooter, then? Just because Maximum PC gave it an impossible score, doesn’t take away from the game itself. -TeenyD

4. World of Warcraft

Take 1: Ah, World of Warcraft. Where every stereotypical gamer imaginable join together in an epic battle where nothing happens at all. World of Warcraft was great back in the day when there weren’t any other options, now however, we have other things we can be doing. The Elder Scrolls Online is coming isn’t it? -Tom


Take 2: I haven’t played WoW in several years, but I put in hundreds of hours pre-BC. And it is easy to understate how amazingly addictive that game was and for many, still is. The social element of WoW, especially when I was playing, was so much different than anything I had ever experienced before. WoW was my first MMO game, and I loved every minute of it. Helping your clan mates power level. Spending hours prepping and then completing a 5 or 10 man dungeon. Eventually competing in the arena. Teamwork, skill, and strategy were all important. I can’t speak to the current game, but WoW will always hold a special place in my heart. Is it overrated? Maybe, their subscription numbers are still astronomically high, and a lot of that just seems to be from the lingering draw of the earlier game. -TeenyD

3. Halo

Take 1:  How could you possibly guess that Halo would be on this list? Maybe it’s because you know it’s overrated and you know there’s nothing special about it. -Tom


Take 2: Woah, woah, woah! Little did you know that Halo is a franchise that I hold near and dear to my heart. Do you remember when Halo 2 came out? It completely changed the game when it came to multiplayer, specifically the matchmaking services. Looking back now, this was revolutionary, and every major game has been trying to emulate the flexibility and simplicity of Halo 2’s online service. It was just too damn good. But that is just one aspect. Have you forgotten Master Chief? One of the most iconic characters in video game history? The definition of stoicism and loyalty. And this all takes place in an incredibly diverse and huge universe. The Halo universe is easily the most complex and engaging universe of any AAA game out there. I’m guessing you haven’t really dug deep into the game and its universe, otherwise you would know just how amazing Halo can be. It’s not just about shooting Prometheans in the head with a battle rifle, it is so much more! -TeenyD

2. Call of Duty: Black Ops (only Black Ops)

Take 1: First Halo, now Call of Duty? These are so obvious that anyone would know this. Well, yes that’s true, but I’m only putting the Black Ops series on this list. Why? Because when you hear anyone talk about Call of Duty, it’s about Black Ops, and if you compare it to the other games like Modern Warfare 3, Black Ops is not the best. -Tom


Take 2: You won’t get any argument from me here. I think all of the Call of Duty games are completely overrated. I’m tired of the franchise (though I still occasionally fire up Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare – the best entry), and I’m starting to get the feeling that more and more gamers are tired of it as well. Their single player campaigns have become laughable. The multiplayer experience has gotten progressively worse since the first Modern Warfare. Now, I think CoD is a good multiplayer game, but does it deserve to dwarf every single other shooter? I don’t think so. -TeenyD

1. Mario

Take 1:  Oh, I can already hear the angry mob coming. Now, before you light the torches and sharpen your pitchforks, let me explain. The Mario games are the ones we played first, and we will always love them dearly, but you have to see past the memories of your early gaming years. Mario has been in over 200 games and for thirty years has been the gaming icon, but it’s time for a change. We have to take off the nostalgia glasses and realize that maybe Mario needs to retire and, instead of rescuing Peach every week, sit back and lay off the mushrooms. -Tom


Take 2Hmm, this is interesting. Sure, Mario has been around for a long time, but that doesn’t mean his time is done. Since Mario’s introduction with the NES, there has been at least one Mario led game for each new console that is one of the best of that console. NES had Super Mario Bros. 3. SNES had Super Mario World. N64 had Super Mario 64. Super Mario Sunshine was on the GameCube. We saw the Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 on the Wii. And we will likely see more Mario games on the Wii U. All of those games were critical and commercial successes. Think about that for a second. Each one of those games was one of the best games for that particular console. Can any other franchise even come close to this track record? Zelda, maybe? But that is it. For many people, Mario is video games. And Nintendo could have just decided to rest on its laurels, and let the name of the game drive its sales, but it didn’t. It has continued to change and care about the quality of the Mario franchise. The recent Mario games are arguably as good as the first entries in the series, and I don’t think nostalgia glasses have anything to do with that. -TeenyD

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  1. What!? no way, COD is not overrated. It’s probably the best shooting game for the 360 and ps3. Cmon guys! Haha then again it all depends on the players too..


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