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Every so often, about six or seven years, gamers are faced with the ultimate question in the gaming universe. Which console will you buy at the next generation launch? That time has come again, and now all of us are asking ourselves, which it will be.  Regardless of your opinion on either console, it is clear that both Sony and Microsoft are doing everything they can to win this next generation console war.. Many of us are going to face a tough decision this holiday season. I want to try to make that decision a little bit easier for you with this article. Let’s talk about the positives and specs of the consoles and what they can do first, before I give my own personal opinion. Also, keep in mind that not all the specs are out and we still have much to learn about each console. E3 will hopefully answer all of our remaining questions, but for now, let’s start with what we know.



Which will be the stronger system? It looks like PS4 will have the edge when it comes to power.

Which will be the stronger system? It looks like PS4 will have the edge when it comes to power.

First and foremost let’s talk about power. An important thing to note is that these console’s are not going to be as good as a current gaming PC. If you come into this generation with that mindset, you’ll be disappointed. Both are running an 8-core AMD Jaguar CPU. That is insane and exciting at the same time. Your games should be running at mind blowing speed with a high frame-rate, especially when comparing it to the previous generation.. Also, both consoles are going to have 8GB of ram which is a MUCH needed improvement from this current gen. Coming from an Xbox 360 myself, nothing bothers me more than trying to play Halo 4 and getting some low FPS when playing in split screen or when there is a massive firefight going on.  The only difference in the RAM specs, is the PS4 will be running DDR5 and the Xbox One will be running DDR3. So the PS4 may be just a tad bit smoother and lag free but I wouldn’t count on seeing a big difference. Now a new rumor has also sprouted from the Microsoft camp. Apparently 3 out of the GB’s of ram will be going towards the OS and also background apps. That will only leave us with 5 GB. Sony on the other hand, will keep 7 GB available for games alone. If that is indeed true, then the PS4 will be 30%-50% more powerful then the Xbox One already. Sony may have the upper hand already.

Optical Drives:

Microsoft has finally broken down and added the Blu-Ray drive inside the Xbox. Honestly it’s about time and it should of happened sooner. Sony of course has that inside and has been doing that right since the launch of the PS3. I always hated having to switch from my Xbox to my PS3 to watch a Blu-Ray. Now those worries are over.


Right now this one is a little unclear. What we know is Microsoft will be launching with a base model that has a 500 GB of space, good, but not spectacular.  Sony on the other hand, just says it’s built in: I could of told you that one but hey, they don’t want to say anything about it yet I’m guessing.

Kinect and PlayStation Eye:

Both are really pushing their sensor device. Sony wants you to use that Playstation Eye with your PS4. Microsoft, on the other hand, just wants to shove Kinect down our throats and make us use it 24/7. Rumor has it; you have to have the Kinect plugged in for the Xbox to even function. I mean seriously. Let’s get real. Sales were decent for the Kinect, but how many of us really use it? Who wants to have it plugged in all the time? I know I have to re-arrange my living room because of that. Can’t say I’m thrilled.


From the looks of it at this point, both Dashboards will be mostly similar to how they stand now. Sony is likely going with the XMB dash and Microsoft wants to play it safe and keep the tile interface. I haven’t been a big fan of XMB because I seem to get lost trying to navigate around. However, the interface seemed to be improved and more intuitive during Sony’s reveal conference.. The only thing that Microsoft needs to work on is making the dashboard lag free. It takes a while to switch between options. I also tend to do a lot of digging just to get where I want to go. I have to click 3-4 different options just to get to demos. Sometimes I really miss the Blade interface, and Microsoft would do well to try to make things easier to get to.


Xbox-One-vs-PS4Of course you can expect that Sony came out with the DUALSHOCK 4. What’s really cool is the touch pad on the top of the controller. I’m excited to see how it’s used in new games. The share button is also very cool and unique. Basically, it allows you to stream right to Ustream and also upload videos to Facebook. If you are big into multiplayer ownage videos, then that button is for you. The controller does look a little wider so I’m a little worried about comfort but we shall see. Microsoft has done a great job with their controller as well. Almost the same size as the 360 controller but may be a little wider. Guide button seems to have moved up to the top of the controller and we have 2 new buttons where the back and start button used to be. They have really taken the time on the triggers and given us precise accuracy to the point where it can tell how hard you are pushing down on the trigger. I also LOVE the carbon fiber around the Joysticks. I tend to always lose grip of the current sticks, so hopefully this is a big improvement. Being a big fan of the 360 controller, I’m really hoping this controller lives up to its older brother. Both sides did great with the controllers and I can’t wait to get both in my hands.

Personal Opinion:

At this point in time, Sony is winning in my book. I really enjoyed watching their press conference and felt like they really care about the hardcore gamer that wants a gaming system. They kept pushing games, games, games. They are really listening to feedback from the community and trying to right their wrongs from the PS3. So far, they are doing everything right and hopefully the only direction they can go from here is up.

O Microsoft, how you have disappointed thee. I have been playing Xbox ever since it came out and even beta tested Xbox Live. I always considered the Xbox a hardcore gaming system. Every one of my friends had one because of the games and loves it for that reason. Then the 360 comes out and their pushing the HD era of games. We loved it.. Making games look so great and playing so much more smoother and lag free is great. Plus, the improvement to Xbox Live were fantastic.. Then half-way through the cycle, we started hearing about home entertainment. Personally, I’m getting worried. I don’t play my Xbox to watch Hulu or Netflix. I want games. I’m hoping they don’t lose focus and keep giving us games. Nope not the case. We get introduced to Kinect and how they want Xbox to be the all in one entertainment device. At this point, I’m scared. Then Xbox One gets announced and my goodness I’m yelling at my TV. I don’t care about browsing the web or the Snap feature. I want GAMES. Don’t show me videos, I want in game footage. Nope.  We get a EA sport montage. Forza looks great and can show off the power of a new system. But it looked too much like a video. Quantum break was just confusing. Remedy does make great games and because of this I’m excited to see more. Then they show Call of Duty. Really… I mean come on.

Well I hope you enjoyed the write up and good luck with your decision later on in the year. You’re going to need it.

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